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It all began many years ago, on a cold and wet rainy day here in Okinawa. Our President, Chris had seen a homeless man digging through an apartment's trash in search of food. He noticed the elderly man only had on one flip flop and the other foot was bare.


It was in this moment Chris remembered being homeless himself for a time when he was 16 yrs old. It was in this moment, Chris decided to give the man the sneakers he was wearing and tied the laces for the gentleman.  He gave him what cash he had on him and thanked the man for allowing him to help him. 


As the old man walked away, it was in this moment Chris decided he needed to create a volunteer community here in Okinawa to end poverty.  


Since that day, we often look for the elderly gentleman to see if we can provide more assistance but haven’t seen him again since.  We wish to thank him for inspiring us to make the world a better place for all. He has inspired us to make a difference each and every day here in Okinawa.  

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