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Empowering a brighter future for Okinawa, uniting communities, and ending poverty
Making a Difference in Okinawa

Our Story

HelpOki's Story: Action in Compassion

Our story at HelpOki is one of compassion, unity, and resilience. Founded in 2011 after an encounter with homelessness, our mission has always been to end poverty in Okinawa and uplift those in need. We work relentlessly through dedicated volunteer efforts, community development initiatives, and inspired philanthropy to bridge the divide between the international and Japanese communities. As we continue to write the story of HelpOki, we remain committed to transforming lives, fostering hope, and creating a brighter, more inclusive future for all members of the Okinawan community.

Our Impact

At HelpOki, we join forces with local communities to confront the critical issue of poverty, cultivating a future in which every person in Okinawa prospers. In partnership with stakeholders across all sectors, we advocate for sustainable solutions and empowering policies, address the underlying factors perpetuating poverty, and inspire individuals to triumph over hardships. Our united efforts strive to shape an Okinawa where its people thrive, bolstered by a resilient and interconnected community.

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