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United in Compassion

HelpOki, Okinawa's first and oldest volunteer community, has significantly impacted the local community since our inception in January 2011. Our team of dedicated volunteers is committed to serving those in need and driving our mission forward, inspiring positive change, and making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. We take pride in our exceptional programs and projects that bring about meaningful change and are constantly seeking compassionate volunteers who share our commitment to making a lasting impact on others. Join us in our efforts to create a brighter future for all by becoming a part of our inspiring journey and experiencing the joy of transforming lives for the better.

Clothes Donation


Shopping for Change

At the heart of our organization is Okinawa's premier and most established Charity Thrift Store. Our store's proceeds are dedicated to supporting the local community by assisting those who are less fortunate. We take pride in providing single parents, underprivileged families, and individuals with the opportunity to shop at no cost, ensuring that essential needs are met.

Feeding Families in Need 

Established as Okinawa's first and oldest food bank, we aim to provide vital food assistance to low-income families and individuals. In addition, we extend our support to various non-profit organizations and numerous social welfare departments across the island, collaborating to address the needs of those facing challenging circumstances.

Volunteers Packing Food
Image by Nathan Dumlao

Basic Needs and Essentials

Our well-stocked support closet is always at the ready with essential items such as diapers, baby wipes, hygiene supplies, clothing, and more. We are committed to providing immediate assistance to families in dire need of basic necessities, responding promptly and compassionately, no matter the hour of day or night.

Feeding Dreams and Helping Futures

We are dedicated to providing nutritious meals to children from low-income families, ensuring that no child goes to bed hungry. In addition to addressing their nutritional needs, we offer basic English lessons, equipping them with valuable language skills for the future.

Kid Eating Meal
Office Space

Staying Connected

Our well-equipped office space, complete with a desk, chair, computer, printer, and Wi-Fi internet, is available for those without access to such amenities. We welcome individuals to make use of the office space and printer for up to one hour at a time (if there is a waiting list), providing them with the resources they need to stay connected and productive.

Growing Together

Our thriving community garden serves as a source of fresh fruits and vegetables for our food bank, ensuring that nutritious produce reaches those in need. The garden also fosters a sense of unity and collaboration within the community, offering an opportunity to teach children valuable skills in growing and harvesting their own fruits and vegetables at home.

Community Kitchen Garden

Resourceful Sharing

At HelpOki, we proudly uphold a zero-waste policy to minimize our environmental impact. Occasionally, we are unable to find a suitable home or sell certain items. Rather than discarding these items, we place them in our dedicated free area. Accessible to everyone without charge, visitors are welcome to take as much or as little as they wish, ensuring that valuable resources continue to serve a purpose within our community.

Domestic Violence Support

Offering a 24-hour accessible domestic violence bedroom is essential in Okinawa. Recognizing that many local domestic violence shelters have age restrictions for children, we are committed to creating a safe haven for those in need. Our inclusive approach ensures families stay together in a secure environment during challenging times.

Canned Food

Two Food Pantrys

We operate two food pantries in Okinawa, one in Yonabaru and the other in Ginowan. Our locations ensure that individuals from various parts of Okinawa can conveniently access our services. This thoughtful approach enables us to reach out to and support more people in need across the island.

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