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How We Make A Difference

The incredible programs and projects we have here at HelpOki. We are always looking for volunteers to help us grow and to make a lasting impact in another persons life. 

Clothes Donation


Charity Thrift Store

We have Okinawa's first and oldest Charity Thrift Store where the proceeds go back into helping the local less fortunate community in need. We also allow single parents, and less fortunate families and individuals to come shop for free. 

Food Bank

We have Okinawa's first and oldest food bank that provides food support to low income families and individuals. We also provide food support to various non-profit organizations who work with those in need, and numerous social welfare departments across the island. 

Volunteers Packing Food
Image by Nathan Dumlao

Support Closet

We have a large support closet that contains diapers, baby wipes, hyenine supplies, clothing and more. When we get a call no matter the time of day or night, we have access to provide essential items to families in desperate need of basic necessities. 

Kids Restaurant

Providing nutritious meals to children from low income families. We want to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry. We also teach basic English to the children too. 

Kid Eating Meal

Office Space 

We have an office space with desk, chair, computer, printer, and wi-fi internet for those who don't have access to such amenities. They can come and use the office space and printer for up to one hour at a time (if there is a waiting list).  

Office Space

Community Garden

We have a community garden where we are able to grow fresh fruits and vegetables for our food bank. The garden also allows us to bring the community together and teach children how to grow and harvest their own fruits and vegetables at home. 

Community Kitchen Garden

Free Area

We have a zero waste policy at HelpOki. Sometimes we are unable to find a home or sell some items. Instead of throwing the items away, we place them outside in our free area. This area is open to all people, free of charge. They are allowed to take as much or as little as they would like for free. 


Domestic Violence Bedroom

Having a 24 hour available domestic violence bedroom is critical here in Okinawa. As many of the local domestic violence shelters will not allow children over the age of 13 to reside with their parent at the shelter, we wanted to create a safe space for those needing a safe space. 


Two Food Pantrys

We have two food pantry's here in Okinawa. Being located in Yonabaru and the other in Ginowan, it allows people to come two the different locations depending on where they live here in Okinawa.  

Canned Food
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